Where every student’s college application is a stand out



Who is Ivyplus Admissions?

How do you harness the unique qualities of each student and make their story and accomplishments compelling so that the student stands out?

How do you brand a student who fits the cookie-cutter mode, good grades and good community service, but is otherwise bland?

How do you rehabilitate a student who started out in 9th grade with good grades but stumbled in the 11th grade or vice versa.  

This is exactly what Ivyplus Admissions does. We package and brand each student to be unique in their own rights so they can stand out from the masses.

We must emphasize, however, that Ivyplus is not a replacement for your high school college counselors since they are in many ways an integral  part of helping us build your brand.

Our core service is our personal branding workshop called IvyPlus Workshop. The workshop includes the following activities;

  • Identify your brand personality
  • Your brand attributes
  • How to position your brand
  • How to communicate your brand
  • Overcoming barriers to drafting a solid plan around your brand.

The workshops will help students gain hands on experience in branding, which involves highlighting the best aspects of a product, qualifying any unfavorable aspects, and emphasizing long term benefits.

Other services include test preparation, essay writing, interview coaching, application packaging, financial aid counseling and help with FAFSA.

Whether your GPA is high or on the low side, the key to getting into the college of your choice is to work at differentiating yourself from other students.

Think of yourself as a product that needs branding. The last thing you want is to blend in with every other applicant and lose your voice and identity.